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Fascinated by conveyor belt sushi restaurants? Here in Japan you can find it almost everywhere and at a very cheap price! And it’s not that bad. It’s not as good good compared to those sushi restaurants where the chef prepares the sushi in front of you, of course, but it’s good enough for 100Yen per plate. And believe me, that is CHEAP! HAMAZUSHI is a sushi conveyor belt restaurant chain serving really affordable sushi dishes. You can find HAMAZUSHI almost in every city in Japan. Here in Utsunomiya I know one branch located in Utsunomiya Imaizumi area(Map).

What is a conveyor belt sushi exactly? It’s those kind of sushi restaurants where you put your order on the touch screen tablet near you table and receive it from the the conveyor belt. It’s like grabbing your suitcase from arrivals in the airport but instead, here you grab your food. At the entrance there is a talking robot that prints your table number. If the restaurant is full the robot gives you a queue number. You may monitor the queue from the screen at the waiting area. When your number comes up you have to go back to the robot to confirm and print your table number.

How do you when your order is coming? The touch screen tablet you use for ordering food talks too! It has Chinese, English, and Japanese language. It makes distinctive sounds when your food is coming. It’s impossible for you to miss it.

Important Tips:

  • Plates are color coded. Red plates are cheaper and cost around 100Yen, and the gold ones are 150Yen.

  • Food you order from the menu will most likely be served on top of a blue shallow plastic bowl. Plates which doesn’t come with the blue bowl are free for everyone to take.

  • Don’t take someone else’s order. If the plate is on the blue bowl and you did not order it don’t take it. It’s someone else’s food.

  • The Menu’s touch screen is quite slow to react so have patience.

  • Always check your bill once in a while. Each plate is cheap but it’s so easy and convenient to eat and order so many things . There’s a high possibility that your bill would pile up if you don’t check. It’s also good check if your order came.

  • Most of the stuff you need are all in your table or on top to the conveyor belt near you so it’s pretty much self-service. There’s very less interaction with the servers.

  • The green tea is free and is in powder form. The water source the tap just beside your table. You have to push the rubber button with a bit of pressure because it’s quite stiff.

  • When you’re done you can press the yellow button on the side of the screen to call on the staff. They will come to your table to count the plates and give you the bill which you shall pay at the counter near the entrance.

  • Wasabi can also be found at the belt going around.

It’s always a fun experience dine at a sushi conveyor restaurant, not to mention pocket friendly. It’s a nice casual place to eat and enjoy affordable sushi.

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