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Just remembering how I savored that bowl of Ramen makes me wanna drool. The Restaurant serves Shouyu, Miso, and Salt base Ramen with one of the best slow-cooked pork “Chashu” I’ve ever had. It’s just so soft and almost melts in your mouth before releasing ecstatic flavors. We discovered it by chance when we were looking for a place to eat around the east side of JR Utsunomiya Station. Chuuka Soba Yaguraya 中華そば櫓屋 – Ramen Shop in Utsuninomiya

Opening hours: 11AM-10PM (schedule may differ during national holidays) Closed on Mondays Ordering on a vending machine

Just like most Ramen shops in Japan, Chuuka Sobayaguraya uses vendo(vending) machine ordering system. It’s easy and requires less labor for the restaurant. The good thing about this Ramen shop is that they put pictures of the ramen on the vendo machine so it wouldn’t be too difficult if you cannot read Japanese. Yagura Soba(soy sauce base)800 yen;Yagura Soba with All toppings(soy sauce)1,180 yen;Chinese Soba(salt)750 yen;Chinese Soba with all toppings(salt) 1,150 yen. You may choose which base for the soup you prefer, soy sauce, miso, or salt. I ordered the Yagurasoba with all toppings in soy sauce base. It’s the second photo from the left on the vendo machine. And the photo looks exactly the same as the actual food. The Ramen bowl I ordered came with several toppings: Nori(seaweeds),Menma(seasoned bamboo shoots),Ajitsuke Tamago(seasoned soft boiled eggs), spring onions, spinach, and Chashu(slow cooked pork). Ohh that Pork! The Chashu is the highlight of my savory experience in this Ramen shop. It’s so soft, tender, and very flavorful. It has this delicious salty pork taste with a bit of smoky flavor and crunchy texture from the char. I believe it was grilled just before putting into the ramen. The noodles are nice and firm and sauce was also flavor rich but a bit too salty for me. Can’t go wrong with Ramen Egg! For me, a Ramen is not complete without the Ajitsuke Tamago. I really like that custardy texture of the eggs with a hint of sweetness and saltiness. This egg was just perfect. The shop also has Manga books which you may read while chilling.You may order Chashu for 280 yen.Chuuka Soba Yaguraya left a good impression on me in terms of fast service, cleanliness, food taste and value for your money. The only thing I noticed was how smoky it can get inside the shop, they should probably add more exhaust fans. But since the food was good, I don’t really mind the smoke. I would definitely recommend it if you happen to be in Utsunomiya. I’m also planning to go back to try the other Ramen on the menu.

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