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The best Burgers I’ve had in Utsunomiya!

I was passing by the neighborhood when I sensed a familiar scent, BURGERS! I looked onto my left and there it was, a “we’re open” sign. It’s easy to spot the place because it’s located on the first floor of a huge red brick building on the road side. The restaurant has an American inspired theme which gives out this cozy and relaxed rustic vibe. Aside from the fact that it’s in a convenient location, I also like how their burgers taste a bit more authentic compared to average burger restaurants in Japan. This makes Cafe&Diner Mother Road one of my favorite restaurants in Utsunomiya. And another thing I love about this place is that they have an english menu and english speaking staff. Which makes it a lot more easier for foreigners like me who can barely converse in straight Japanese.

They offer burgers, Sandwiches, waffles, salads, and more. But the main attraction here are the burgers(which comes with potato wedges). I’ve tried several of their burgers before, and all of them were satisfyingly delicious. Avocado Gorgonzola Burger is one of my favorite in the line up, but this time I tried something different. I ordered the TRIPLE CHEESE BURGER and it’s massive!

Burgers like this are quite messy to eat, which I don’t really mind because sometimes the messier the better! But of course you always have the option to use fork and knife instead of you hands. I also had a soda float, and I would say that the ice cream on top of it was just perfect! It has a very smooth firm texture and it’s not that sweet. It goes perfectly well with the blue soda(which taste like sour candy without the ice cream). And for you Beer lovers out there like me, Cafe&Dinner Mother Road has a really good selection of craft beer you must try. Today I had the Jazzberry, which is a sweet light fruity beer. And if you’re the kind of person who like sweet cocktails, I would highly recommend this beer.


Access From Utsunomiya station East Exit: Go to Platform number 4 and take the bus which departs every 15, and 45 minutes past the hour. Then alight at Nishi Koen Iriguchi bus stop. From there it’s only a one minute walk to Cafe&Diner Mother Road. Travel time takes only 12 mins and costs 220 yen. There is no doubt that the burgers here are amazingly good and satisfying. But it doesn’t come cheap. So I would say that it’s a nice place to visit once in a while when you’re craving for that “burger fix” or maybe Hangout and drink with friends. But I would highly recommend you to come here and try out their burgers because it’s simply one of the best.

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