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 Mashiko is a pottery town located in the southeast corner of Tochigi prefecture just two hours from Tokyo (map). The town is well known for its pottery called “Mashiko yaki” (Mashiko ware) made from the local red-brown clay which produces highly durable ceramics. It was also made famous by artist Shōji Hamada who was designated as Japan’s Living National Treasure in the field of crafts in 1955. Since then the town has been attracting people from all around the world especially crafts enthusiasts. In addition to the pottery heritage, Mashiko is also known to grow amazing strawberries and make delicious sake. Both are great ways to enjoy Mashiko in Spring. 10 fun ways to enjoy Mashiko in Spring

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Below is the video I made during the trip. I hope it can help you get a few ideas for your trip to Mashiko. Enjoy watching!

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